Lotus has mated Corona 2016-12-18


Our Lotus has impregnated Corona and we are now waiting for a litter that is expected to come in mid-February. Expected outcomes are mixed black and snow in both spotted and marble.

Iris just had 5 kittens! 2016-12-03

Iris that we co-own with Petra of Cat Model, together with Boster (Katteverkets Don Quijotte) birthed 5 little kittens. Probably 3 lynx spotted and 2 black marble.

Corona has had their first litter 2016-06-11


Corona has had their first litter, together with Suryabangla Zenith of Cat Model. Five small cosy rascals including four n24 and n22, all seem to have great pattern and lovely warm colors.

Zenith has mated with Blenda! 2016-05-22


Also Blenda has mated with the handsome Suryabangla Zenith of Cat Model and now we are hoping for a really exciting litter early July with both n24 and ns 24 and hopefully some blue accents. 🙂

Corona has mated with Zenith 2016-04-30


Our dear Corona has been visited by the handsome Suryabangla Zenith of Cat Model and we are now full of excitement for a litter expected in mid-June. Expected outcome is 100% n24.

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